100 Computers 100 Daughters 100 Days

"Lets educate the soldiers and martyrs daughters with next generation technology. 100 Computers 100 Days 100 Daughters, a project by Atharva Foundation will distribute 100 computers to the daughters of martyrs and soldiers of India.

Message from Chairman

“Owning a computer is no longer a luxury , but rather a necessity in this information and technology age. Our 100 Computers 100 Days 100 Daughters project will allow those children to utilize technology in every aspect of their everyday lives."

  • Sunil Rane ,
  • Chairman - Atharva Foundation
  • Purpose
  • Program

To help bridge the Digital Divide. Our mission is to develop, assist, and enlighten their lives with knowledge through technology and be the force of motivation for them to shine.

For the Future Protectors of Our Nation Atharva Foundation would like to contribute towards the education of our martyrs daughters and families. to do so, we will be distributing 100 computers to martyrs daughters from all parts of india.

What Makes it a Necessity ?



Students will be able to read and educate themselves through the use of computers and internet connectivity


Families will be able to locate and access benefits and schemes for Indian Armed Forces and their families


It will help them get Globally
connected with the world

" The lives of those individuals and families who have an opportunity to take advantage of this service can forever be impacted. "

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